Preparedness Tip Wednesday: 50 Tips to keep cool when the Power is OUT

We shared a post not that long ago on how to do a DIY air conditioner for under $30.  I wanted to share some other things that would be helpful to keep cool when you power is out.  Here is a list we found over at Food Storage Made Easy. If you have any other ideas we would love to hear them!


Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Healing Herbs for your Survival Garden

We have done a couple posts about survival garden's and when I saw this post on Natural Blaze and wanted to share it with our readers.
 To get started with your garden will depend on the amount of space you have, the climate, and the availability of seeds, starts, or cuttings. A good recommendation is that to start with three or four herbs that appeal to you from a healing perspective. Most of these plants can be grown in pots on a porch or deck so if space is your problem, you can start modestly. If you would like to learn more about the healing properties of herbs, the University of Maryland Medical Center has a web site with a lot of useful information about herbs and other alternative medicine topics. Please share with your family and friends, so they can start their own healing garden!

Some of the herbs they recommended are Basil, Parsley, Sage, Peppermint and Lavender. To find out why these are recommended and to get the full list checkout Natural Blaze and Natural Cure Not Medicine.


Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Emergency Supply Kit


I never thought about putting an emergency supply kit into a 30-gallon trash barrel before! I love how no two kits have to be the same! I've seen them in backpacks, duffle bags and now a trash barrel. What method do you use? I think it is great to have one of each kind if you can. It is important to have a kit that you can take quickly if you need to evacuate your home and a kit for if you are stuck at home without power, heat or water. The things you need will be different during different seasons throughout the year. How often do you update your Emergency kits? Every year? Twice a year? Whenever you remember to? We would love to hear your tips and thoughts and what you are doing with your Emergency Supply Kits. Post a picture and hashtag #myemergencykit


Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Treating Water

The Ready Center posted A water-purification minded inventor by the name of Glen Meder, along with APN (American Preppers Network), is hosting a free web seminar entitled “Understanding Red Cross Recommendations for Treating Water in an Emergency!”  The online event is scheduled to take place Thursday May 15 at 7pm Central (8pm EST/6pm MST/5pm PST).  
For more details and how to sign up in advanced to watch the webinar go to The Ready Center blog.


Sun Oven Saturday: RECIPES

Have you seen the extensive list of recipes listed on the Sun Oven website? There is a ton of them! There is so many things you can make in a Sun Oven! 



Sun Oven Saturday: Why the Sun Oven?




The ULTIMATE Solar Oven!
SUN OVEN The Ultimate Solar Appliance!

The internet is chock-full of plans and videos on how to make a cheap solar cooker, and there are cheaper knockoffs available. This prompts people to ask, “Why would anyone spend $400 for a SUN OVEN®?” The simple answer is: A SUN OVEN® is easier to use, will cook quicker, last longer and cost less per meal than any other type of solar cooking device.
So Why the SUN OVEN? 
Here are some of our favorite reasons:
1. They cook hotter than other solar cookers
2. You can:
  • Boil or pasteurize water
  • Make sun tea
  • Naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats
  • Heat water for a sponge bath
  • Kill infestations in grains or dried foods
  • Sanitize dishes
  • Dry firewood
  • Sprout foods
3. You can bake bread in them

4. It can cook food fast or be used as a slow cooker

5. It last 20+ years of daily use!

Check out the full article HERE to see the top 12 reasons why a Sun Oven is the best bang for your buck!

homemade oven 3SOS sport 3homemade oven


Preparedness Tip Wednesday: DIY Air Conditioner for under $30

Today is National Day of Action: Readying for an Emergency has this video talking about the recent tornados that have hit in North Texas. If you missed our post last week about Tornados,  you can find it here.

With storms comes power outages and the thought came to me, how many of our readers have a  generator that they could use to keep cool during a power outrage in the hot Texas weather? Generators are great but they cost a lot of money! So for those of you that have not saved up to buy one of your own I found a great tutorial on how to make your own Air Conditioner over at The

The material list for the D-I-Y air conditioner is very basic:
Make Your Own AC Unit
  • A medium sized styrofoam cooler
  • One small electric fan
  • Some PVC pipe
  • Tape (duct tape is likely the best choice)
  • A drill or a sharp knife (for cutting through the styrofoam)
  • Ice packs
The construction process is very simple. Cut a hole for the PVC pipe to vent the cool air. Cut another hole on the top — just slightly smaller than the circumference of the fan (and on angle to prevent it from falling into the cooler). Secure the fan in place with the tape. Add ice packs into the cooler and plug in the fan.
They even have a video to go with the step by step tutorial!

Find the whole tutorial here

To join FEMA's Prepareathon and get more information on how to be more prepared where you live, go here.

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