Solar Sun Ovens

We had a great cooking demo last Saturday and we are putting together a sale price for the Global Sun Oven. Why should you consider a Sun Oven you ask?

It is not uncommon in emergency situations for the power to be out. When asked many people say they will just cook over a fire. But can you imagine trying to cook over a fire with it being 110 degrees in the summertime? Others are storing up propane to cook with, but according to an article in the MormonTimes caution needs to be exercised because if you have more propane around your house than your local city allows it may void your homeowners insurance. If you had a fire even if the propane had nothing to do with it, your homeowners insurance may not pay.

With a solar oven, if the sun is shining, you can cook. Now you should have backup sources of fuel, such as wood, charcoal briquettes, or propane, but in sunny climates like Texas your solar oven will be your main source of cooking. Solar cooking is clean, it keeps the heat out of your kitchen (in fact one person calculated that he paid for his Sun Oven in about 9 months time due to savings in cooling costs associated with cooking in the summer and heating the house), it’s delicious and, best of all, it uses a free source of energy.

Attached an article for further information about the great benefits of the Global Sun Oven. We love ours and I know you will love yours too.

Ken Taylor
DFW Food Storage

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