It's hip to be prepared

Did you know that watching TV could help save your life?

It could if you are watching Meet the Preppers on The Animal Planet or Doomsday Preppers on National Geographic. We have DVR'd every episode and love it. There is some "creative" editing that has been done, so some of the families highlighted are portrayed to be a bit more extreme than in reality. However, it has been tons of fun to see what people are doing out there to prepare and I love that it is getting more people interested or at least aware of the concept of being prepared. As I see it, the more people prepared the better.

So your homework assignment this week.... watch TV!

Nine Meals Away from Anarchy

TUE MAR 6 9P et/pt
Suburban dad Mike Mester prepares his family for civil unrest to spill out from the cities, Californian Doug Huffman has plans to retreat underground when we face the next Great Depression.

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