Cooking Essentials Series Part 1

What is a Sun Oven?

Sun ovens only weighs 21 lbs and can be set up in a matter of seconds! 
Sun ovens can BAKE, BOIL and STEAM so you can make just about anything.
It can also be used as a solar dryer and dehydrator,
heating water for cleaning dishes and personal hygiene.
It can also be used to boil or pasteurize water for drinking purposes.
When cooking with a Sun Oven food doesn't burn and food doesn't dry out!
The reflectors with NEVER rust, oxidize or corrode and clean just like glass.
It can be 350 degrees inside the oven and the outside will never feel hot
and the reflectors never get hot so it is very safe around children and pets.
You can cook up to an 18 lb turkey in a baking bag.

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