How To Beat Inflation...

There is an easy way to beat the inflation. Buy food with a 25 YEAR SHELF LIFE!

How much is food going to cost in 20 years? Just think, food bought at todays prices so you don't have to buy food at tomorrows prices!


Cooking Essentials Series Part 5


Find out how Sun Oven's can be used as a dryer and dehydrator.
You can make sun dried tomatoes, you can dry fruits, veggie and even make beef jerky!
When using the Sun Oven as a dryer you don't want full sunlight.


Preparedness Tip Wednesday: DIY Fire Starter Wafers

DIY Fire Starter Wafers


This tip I found on Pinterest and it was such a great idea that I wanted to share it with our blog readers.

All you need is:
Cotton pads
A used candle
A pan you don't mind melting wax in (or a microwave safe container from the $1 store)


For the full tutorial go to

NOTE: I have seen may great home made fire starters using dryer lint and cardboard egg cartons which is also a great essentially free thing to make. I just like the cotton pads due to the size and since they are flat they can fit anywhere. It is great to add to your 72 hour kit and for taking camping.


Cooking Essentials Series Part 4

Even non drying heat

Understand why food does not burn and how sun enhances the taste.
The entire chamber is the same temperature, there is no hot spots and no cold spots.
You don't have to continually stir your food, just add to your pot or pan, 
stir it once and leave it til it is done cooking.

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