Introducing Everest Mountain Foods


Introducing Everest Mountain Freeze Dried Foods

What is Everest Mountain Freeze dried Foods? A new line of food products and meals made for your convenience. Using the best freeze dried ingredients, our food specialists have created delicious and nutritious meals that you can make in an instant. Just add water. Our meals contain real freeze dried meats so that you get the calories and protein that you need each day. Everest Mountain Foods is the culmination of years of experience and hard work. Just like its name states, Everest Mountain Foods is the pinnacle of the Freeze dried Foods industry. Why choose Everest Mountain Foods? Our meals are very versatile and sturdy so you can use them for many different occasions. Not only may they be used for long term food storage, but also emergency preparedness, everyday meals, and recreational activities like Camping and Hiking. Our meals have a lower sodium content than other freeze dried meals so they are more nutritious than other brands in the market. Plus, you will have the satisfaction of having an instant meal that tastes delicious! Real Meat Everest Mountain Foods is a USDA inspected facility so our meals contain real meat that is safe to consume. No MSG.  MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a food additive that is widely used to enhance flavor. Our products DO NOT contain any MSG yet you still get a gourmet taste. Just Add Hot Water Our instant freeze-dried foods are easy to make. Just add hot water and your meal will be ready in minutes! 20+ Years Shelf Life By using freeze-dried ingredients, our meals retain their nutrition and color. If left unopened, our products will last 20 years or more

We will be taking orders for these freeze dried foods from now until October 9th.  


2012 Preparedness Event - Allen, TX

In case you haven't heard yet, this month National Preparedness Month. What have you done this month to get you and/or your family more prepared? 

This Saturday, September 8th there is a FREE preparedness event in Allen, Tx at Lowe's on McDermott that would be a great event to attend and see what you need to do to prepare for an emergency in your area.

To see if there is an event near you check out FEMA's website


National Preparedness Month


September is National Preparedness Month. Disasters can strike at any time without warning. We want to help you be prepared for you and your family.  We have an order of REAL freeze dried meats and meals at rock bottom prices that will be available to order starting next week! You will be able to order diced chicken, ground beef, diced beef, diced turkey, diced ham and pork crumbles all cooked and then freeze dried. Also available are 5 delicious freeze dried soups and 19 different entrees all with real meat formulated by an award winning chef! All you need to do is add water. 

Today is the day before tomorrow. Are you ready for tomorrow?

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