Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters

Due to the current weather situation with Hurricane Sandy we are doing Preparedness Tips Wednesday on Monday...I hope you guys don't mind.

I just talked to family that lives in Pennsylvania. They are suppose to be hit by Hurricane Sandy. They said the stores are all out of food and supplies. They are not allowed to drive anywhere and they know that they will be without power for a minimum of one week but are told to expect 3 weeks. Are you prepared to sustain yourself in the event of an emergency for a long period of time?

Remember that you need electricity to run your refrigerator so all the perishable food items will go bad quickly without the use of your fridge and freezer! How will you cook your food without the use of your oven/stove/microwave? If you have kids or pets you don't want to have an open fire that they can access. A Sun Oven is the perfect way to cook, boil, steam, dry or dehydrate whatever you need!

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