Preparedness Tip Wednesday: 72 Hour Kits for Kids

I found this post over at How Does She and wanted to share it with our readers.
Here is a spreadsheet with all the items listed

All of these categories will have different items depending on your child's age this is just a general list

Clothing: long sleeve shirt, sweat pants, jacket, 3 underwear, 2 socks, warm hat, gloves, poncho, shoes (not pictured) "I used to stress about changing the clothes out for the different seasons but I read somewhere that you can just cut off the pants and the shirt if it is THAT hot and now you have summer clothes.  This same person recommended sweat pants because you can buy them a bit too big and they will still work, and then your kids can grow into them and you don’t have to replace them as often.  My boys are two years apart so I was able to just use all the stuff from my first boy and put it in my second kid’s pack.  My third is a girl and she will be wearing boy clothes in an emergency cause my second boy’s clothes were passed to her. I am thinking of tying the shoes to the outside of the pack because I am out of room inside."
Food: 3 water bottles, emergency energy food, snacks and goodies my kids like (z bars, dehydrated fruit, fruit snacks, beef jerky, jolly ranchers or other treats)
Emergency Supplies: small first aid kit, emergency blanket, 6 hot hands, whistle/compass, pocket knife (depending on the age), face masks
Hygiene: toothbrush, toothpaste, Chapstick, soap, washcloth, antibacterial gel, tissues, sunscreen, shampoo
Light: flashlight, batteries, matches, candle, glow sticks
Money: small bills and coins
Fun: post-it notes, notepad, crayons, pen, pencil, bean bag, dice, card game

One important thing not pictured is to have your child’s records, even if it is a copy.  Some things to include: current family picture, social security number, addresses and phone numbers, emergency contacts, emergency plan, and immunization records.
I would also like to add a tube tent and a rolled blanket tied to the bottom of the pack.

Thanks for the tips HOW DOES SHE

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