Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Emergency Food Storage for Dorm Dwellers

It's September which means it's back to school! Some of you have just sent your "young adults" off to college for the first time. I saw this post and it made me think of all of you and I wanted to share it with our readers. This post also applies to those living in apartments either married or with roommates. How do have food storage with no room to store it and a small budget to work with? Here is your answer:

Emergency Food Storage for the Dorm Dweller

Emergency Food Storage for the College Dorm
Emergency Food Storage for the Dorm Dweller
So, it’s back to school time again, and many people have kids who are going off to college for the first time. It’s a bittersweet moment; you watch your fledgling taking flight, knowing that they have the skills to soar on their own.

Emergency Food Storage for the Dorm Dweller

Of course, this means that you can no longer protect them if disaster strikes, so how about considering some emergency food storage preps that they can take with them to college?
Some common scenarios at school, at least when I was coming up, were long-term power outages in the dorms because of ice and snow taking out powerlines.
When you send your student off to college, consider including extra food and water that can be easilystored.
MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) are a little expensive, but they make excellent emergency food storage. They are compact and come with their own heater, so a lack of electricity will not pose a problem. Datrex food bars, while not exactly gourmet fare, are another alternative for portable and durable calories. Just make sure your kid knows that these emergency food storage items are not to be used as snacks or consumed just because he or she does not feel like cooking or going to the dining hall.
Mountain House freeze-dried meals are another option for emergency food storage, and although they are supposed to be reconstituted with hot water, cold water works too. The advantage of the freeze-dried pouches are that they are lightweight and compact, and come in a wide variety of meal options. Beef Stroganoff, Chili-Mac, and Spaghetti are some popular options. Fruits and veggies are also available.
A few gallons of water are relatively compact, and will last for a couple of days if, for some reason, water is not available.
Hopefully, they have been learning from you about preparedness over the years, but if not, have a talk with your son or daughter about disaster preparedness before you send them off to college. Make sure that they have the skills and knowhow to take care of themselves in an emergency situation.

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