Preparedness Tip Wednesday: How to Open a Can with your Hands

I saw this post on The Blaze and thought it was worth sharing with our readers.

"There are still tin cans out there that don’t have the handy pop-top tab for you to pull, and thus, require a can opener.
But what if you don’t have access to the specialized, can-opening kitchen tool? What then?
Enter a Russian outdoorsman to teach you how to open that can using only your bare hands. Now, unless you speak Russian, you’re not likely to understand what he’s saying, but we don’t think the language barrier is too much of a roadblock in his lesson."
There is a video for regular cans as well as smaller tuna fish size cans.
Here is the link to see the videos and to get step by step translated instructions over at The Blaze. Enjoy!
Image source: YouTube

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