Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Prepping on a Budget

Happy New Year!
We hope you have made being more prepared part of your list of Resolutions for this year! We hope through our weekly Preparedness Tips we can help you accomplish that and help you save money in the process. The Ready Center has been putting together this amazing list of how you can get all the things you need by only spending $20 a paycheck! If you haven't been over there and seen it you need to! You assemble the kit over the course of one year and it will get you pointed in the right direction when it comes to the safety of your family.  If you want to spend more or have to spend less, that’s okay.  Prepare at the pace your budget allows and modify recommendations to the uniqueness of your family.  The point of this is to show how painless and easy it is to begin your emergency preparations.  And at only $20 a paycheck, this can fit anyones budget.  So now is the time for you to start.  I personally dare you to step up and take this challenge seriously.  Make it a New Year Resolution if you have to.  You’re worth the challenge, and so are you loved ones.

Here is what they have so far! Click the links for more detail on each of the items. I can't wait to see the rest of the list and put my kit together this year!

Paycheck 1:  Purchase water
Paycheck 2. Fixed blade knife
Paycheck 3. Heavy duty flash light
Paycheck 4. A backpack that can store all of your gear
Paycheck 5. Food
Paycheck 6. Propane fueled camp stoves
Paycheck 7. First Aid
Paycheck 8. Emergency Radio
Paycheck 9. $20 prepaid phone card
Paycheck 10. Quarters and $1
Paycheck 11. Wool Blanket
Paycheck 12. Buy a multi-head screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a mini pry bar, a mini hack saw and a spring loaded center punch
Paycheck 13. Trade your $20 in for 4/$5
Paycheck 14. An oil lamp, a jug of lamp oil, an extra wick, 1 pack of tea light candles, and a 2 pack of Bic lighters.
Paycheck 15 & 16. We combined these so you can afford a well build multi-tool which average at about $40
Paycheck 17. Trade in your $20 for two $10 bills
Paycheck 18. Cooking supplies
Paycheck 19. Water Filter

Thanks The Ready Center!

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