Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Re-grow your scraps

Since we are doing orders right now on Heirloom seeds I wanted to talk a little bit about gardening.
Did you know that certain foods will re-grow themselves from kitchen scraps? It's true!
I knew that Scallions regrew themselves, I have a vase with them growing in my kitchen window, but when I went to grab a clove of garlic this week for our dinner I noticed it was sprouting! Kind of crazy looking. So I looked it up and found out how easy it is to grow your own garlic. 

PS Garlic growing season in Texas is not until October (HERE is a tutorial on how to grow Garlic)
This is a list of other foods that will re-grow from kitchen scraps.

Those of you that get our monthly email have already seen these links but I wanted to make sure that ALL of our blog readers know about them too!

Know when to plant your plants and seeds based on your zip code

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