Preparedness Tip Wednesday: Palm Shortening Edition

Today I wanted to share a post from Cheree over at Natural and Frugal: Raising 6 Kids blog on Palm Shortening Oil. She did a review and shared lots of recipes and tips for using your Palm Oil that you have for every day as well as how you can use it in an Emergency with your food storage.

*Remember the shelf life of Palm Oil is indefinite so we think it is the best oil/fat for your Emergency Supply.

This was her first impression: "first things first, right away I got the lid off & was pleasantly surprised that the color of the Palm Shortening is reminiscent of fresh made butter, you know that light yellow color. It also was still slightly solid. I immediately took some to rub between my fingers, & noticed it’s not as greasy or oily as I had imagined. It was more like a lightweight cream in feel with a slight oiliness to it. Next I got a spoon & tasted a bit & to my amazement it did not have that strong shortening texture & taste, again lightweight would be a great way to describe it with very little taste. Oh & by the way at this point I was noticing just how amazingly soft it left my fingers, so I knew right away I would love Palm Shortening in my DIY body care, oh yea!"

Check out her recipes she posted for soup, gravy, yellow rice, pan fried cabbage, fried potato cakes, country fried steaks, french fries, fried eggs, cake, frosting, coffee creamer, body care and more! 

Don't forget to submit your order for Palm Shortening Oil by March 31st. You can find an order form here: PALM SHORTENING ORDER FORM

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