Preparedness Tip Wednesday: DIY Air Conditioner for under $30

Today is National Day of Action: Readying for an Emergency has this video talking about the recent tornados that have hit in North Texas. If you missed our post last week about Tornados,  you can find it here.

With storms comes power outages and the thought came to me, how many of our readers have a  generator that they could use to keep cool during a power outrage in the hot Texas weather? Generators are great but they cost a lot of money! So for those of you that have not saved up to buy one of your own I found a great tutorial on how to make your own Air Conditioner over at The

The material list for the D-I-Y air conditioner is very basic:
Make Your Own AC Unit
  • A medium sized styrofoam cooler
  • One small electric fan
  • Some PVC pipe
  • Tape (duct tape is likely the best choice)
  • A drill or a sharp knife (for cutting through the styrofoam)
  • Ice packs
The construction process is very simple. Cut a hole for the PVC pipe to vent the cool air. Cut another hole on the top — just slightly smaller than the circumference of the fan (and on angle to prevent it from falling into the cooler). Secure the fan in place with the tape. Add ice packs into the cooler and plug in the fan.
They even have a video to go with the step by step tutorial!

Find the whole tutorial here

To join FEMA's Prepareathon and get more information on how to be more prepared where you live, go here.

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