Preparedness Tip Wednesday- Bugging-In

The Art of Manliness shared a post a couple years ago about how to Bug-In. They shared what you need to know to survive in a grid-down disaster. There are some great tips on their, we will highlight a few here but be sure to check out their post for the full list!
 The term "Bugging Out" means to abandon your home in search of a safer destination in the event of a large-scale disaster. Sometime, Bugging Out is not necessary nor is it the best decision. A disaster may, in fact, make it impossible to Bug Out. The alternative is called "Bugging In. Bugging In or hunkering down during a large-scale disaster can present many challenges to a survivor. Oftentimes, the utilities we depend on are ripped off-line know as "Grid-Down."
Disasters can devastate our most critical services including water supplies, dedicate facilities and first responders, waste and trash processing and removal, transportation options, fuel and grocery supplies, natural gas lines, electricity, phone service, and even public safety. A Grid-Down scenario can last for several days or even weeks. During this time, you must be able to provide basic survival needs for you and your family. These Bug In preps and plans need to be made in advance. They cannot be made in the heat of a disaster!

How Long Should I Prepare to Bug In?
That's the question of the century! The government says 3 days. I have preps to get me through 1 year. My answer is a minimum of 2 weeks and then keep prepping for longer as time and money allow. Start with 3 days then work up from there. Don't let this question prevent you from making progress.

What Are the Categories I Should Consider When Prepping?

Our basic human survival needs remain the exact same no matter where we are in the world or what circumstances we face. They will always be: shelter, water, fire, food, first-aid, and self-defense. The order of priority may change, but the basic categories will not. 

For a brief breakdown or each category including several solutions to consider for a short-term Bug In scenario check out ART OF MANLINESS 

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