Foodie Friday: So why Country Cream Milk?

My Family Prepared did a post a few years back that I found where she gives a review of Country Cream Milk that I wanted to share with our readers. You can find the whole article here. Don't forget we are doing orders for Country Cream Milk in the month of November!

Country Cream Powdered Milk is my brand of choice

It uses the least amount of powder,
which results in easier mixing (less foam),
and in my opinion tastes better than the other brand.

So how about Nutrition Comparison:
Country Cream Powdered Milk to Skim Milk:

1 c. Country Cream Powdered Milk:               1 c. Skim Milk:
Total Fat: 0g                                                     Total Fat: 0g
Saturated Fat: 0g                                              Saturated Fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 5 mg                                             Cholesterol: 5 mg
Sodium: 110 mg                                               Sodium: 130 mg
Total Carbohydrates: 12g                                 Total Carbohydrates: 13g
Dietary Fiber: 0g                                              Dietary Fiber: 0g
 Sugars: 12g                                                      Sugars: 12g
Protein: 8g                                                        Protein: 8g
                                                                          Potassium: 410mg

They are almost identical - excpet that Skim Milk contains potassium, and powdered milk does not.

So... lets go over some of the basics: 
(Following text taken directly from can):
DIRECTIONS: Mixes instantly with a spoon.  Just add the desired amount of water and stir.  2 2/3 c. powder + 1 gallon of water = 1 gallon liquid.  2/3 c. powder + 1 quart water = 1 quart liquid.
For cream like consistency, mix one part powder to two parts water.  Best when chilled over night.
INGREDIENTS: 100% real instant nonfat milk, Vitamins A& D.

How about a Quality Check:
Smell: powder and liquid hardly have any smell at all
Taste: Taste is similar to skim milk, but you can tell a difference (depending on the person).  My nefew thinks it is 'sweeter' than regular milk
Texture: Just like water - no powdery residue
Looks: Just like skim milk
How long does it last once made?: I wouldn't go longer than 5-7 days

What about Shelf Life?
There is nothing written on the actual milk container.
The following information was retrieved from my own personal research regarding nonfat milk (regular or instant) - I belive I found it at the UofU food extension site, but I can't remember.

Temperature Stored At:
50 degrees F or below = 52 months
70 degrees F = 24-36 months
90 degrees F = 3 months

Is it worth it? 
In my mind, absolutely.  It would be awful to be without milk in an emergency.  
However, it has a shelf life of just over 4 years (at best), so as always, I recommend that you start using it if you are going to store it.
I always have a can opened in my pantry, ready to be used, so I can rotate through my supply.

And by 'ready to be used' I don't mean that we drink it.  Powdered milk can be substituted for regular milk in any recipe, which is a good way to rotate slowly through your powdered milk supply, without having to actually drink powdered milk.  
Which in turn means you aren't wasting anything!
To substitue powdered milk for regular milk in recipes, simply add the powder to the dry ingredients.  When adding the wet ingredients, include the water.

This was a comment left on My Family Prepared Blog:

I bought a lot of this milk in Y2K Dec. 1999 and have it stored in an unheated room in my basement under my front porch. I was wondering if it was still good, so I called Country Cream. They said if you store it in a cool dry place, that it will keep for 20 yrs., so I opened a can of my 13 year old Country Cream dry milk and tried it. Tasted great! Country Cream said that the milk won't make you sick regardless of how old it is, it just won't taste very good and may have lost some of it's nutrients. They recommend keeping it in at least 70 degrees or below temperatures, not in your garage where it gets hot in summers. This milk does have one of those stay fresh packets in it when you open it up. We store Nestle's Quik for those in our family who don't like the dry milk taste. You cannot tell it's dry milk at all with the Nestle's Quik in it. Just thought you'd like to know...

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