Foodie Friday: Using Canned Powdered Milk

In this post I wanted to share how to use powdered milk in your recipes.

Can I substitute powdered milk for regular?
In any recipe calling for milk, simply add the powdered milk to the other dry ingredients. Sift to blend, then add water for the milk called for in the recipe.

Whipped Evaporated Milk
1 cup water
2/3 cup Country Cream Milk
2 Tbsp. lemon juice

Thoroughly chill evaporated milk. Add lemon juice and whip until staff. Sweeten and flavor as desired.

Sweetened Condensed Milk
1/2 cup hot water
1 cup Country Cream Milk
1 cup sugar

Blend thoroughly in blender. Can be stored in refrigerator or frozen.

Buttermilk or Sour Milk
1 cup water
1 Tbsp. vinegar or lemon juice
1/3 cup Country Cream Milk

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