Why Mylar Bags?

I just posted the schedule for the group orders we have planned this year, yay!

We have an order coming up for Dehydrated Food in Mylar Bags in February, I wanted to do a few posts about what exactly that means and why we choose to include this in our group orders. The first thing I'm going to share is...

You might ask why we choose to store the dehydrated food in mylar bags. All plastic breaths a small amount, even food storage buckets and containers. If you want the best use food-grade 5.4 mil mylar bags, which cuts this air transfer down to almost nothing. For all practical purposes they are light proof, oxygen proof, air proof and water proof. It is recommended that you still store them in protective bucket or ridged container, mylar bags are NOT puncture resistant (think rodents).

These special bags are made from a polyester film and are very shiny in appearance. They are very tough and tear-resistant and are ideal for food packaging – it gives an extra layer of protection to our individual food packets that you'll place inside for safekeeping. 

Keep an eye our for more posts about Dehydrated food in the upcoming weeks!

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