Hydroponic garden system

 An important part of preparedness is being able to grow your own food.  Growing food in Texas is a challenge at best.  Hydroponics is a great way to be able to grow food as you can grow plants 50% quicker in hydroponics vs. soil.

DFW Food Storage offers 7 different models.  From a 36 hole system (as pictured below in my system) to a 108 hole system.  This Survival Hydroponic system would be a great Christmas present.  This system will work outdoor or indoors with grow lights.  A great way to add fresh vegetable to go with the dehydrated/freeze dried foods adding important nutrients such as Vitamin C lacking in stored food.

The Survival Hydroponic system has everything you need.  Includes even the minerals needed as well as about 1800 seeds to get you started.  I will answer any questions you may have as well as teach a free class the first of 2021 to help you understand how it all operates. 

Orders are due by October 26th. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at dfwfoodstorage@yahoo.com

(The bok choy on the top tube was the size of the ones in the bottom tube 14 days earlier)

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